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Too Hot for TV: The Amazing Race

Ar3 Ar2

If you haven't been watching the Amazing Race, you're missing out on a well-produced award-winning reality show that bridges the gap between geography, gender, and racial divides. But you're really missing out on the jaw-dropping voyeuristic pleasure of this post.

Um I don't know if this is real. I don't want to know. But it looks like those macho, uber-heterosexual womanizers, Eric and Jermey got on really well with the wacky, frizzy-haired San Francisco hippies, BJ and Tyler. They got on so well they even formed a conga line off-camera. These photos were reportedly taken after the show was taped but before it aired and but it looks to me like every body's a winner! (They don't call him BJ for nothing) Go to ONTD and scroll down to see why.

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