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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Flava of Love Reunion

Reunions are always a good time to make amends, patch up old feuds and show your past acquaintances how well you've matured. Unless of course you're at the Flava of Love reunion--then you gonna get bitch-slapped.

March 30, 2006 in In Case You Missed It... | Permalink


she all talk and to late to show

Posted by: M>C | Mar 30, 2006 11:23:55 PM

This shit isn't on until Sunday, right? Its nice to see New York got in such awesome shape; too bad she still looks like a tranny! I'm tingling all over in anticipation of this show.

Posted by: barb | Mar 31, 2006 8:38:57 AM

This is going to be the best thing that's happening in my life and that's pathetic

Posted by: akerera | Apr 2, 2006 3:59:35 PM

ditto what the comment says above me. :)

Posted by: bethanne | Apr 2, 2006 4:28:27 PM

i can't believe hoopz and flav aren't a couple like "that" because i thought they would hit it off good.anyway still my best week ever to see new york and pumpkin fired up!

Posted by: kangwa | Apr 2, 2006 9:54:04 PM

I think if Newyork would have got hold of that girls tail, she would have tore her a new one. Man that junk was soo funny cause Pumpkin got her tail punked out, and she ran like a little...lol.

Posted by: Toni | Apr 2, 2006 11:41:45 PM

New York is full of it. If she wanted to whip Pumpkin's behind she woulda done it instead of talking, and WHOA was she
G H E T T O last night... Flav dodged a bullet w/that one! Good to see she dropped all that weight, but what was with the weave grip when she wanted to make a point? At least Goldie got a gig out of this stupid show which I will watch when they roll out the next batch of broads!

Posted by: mika | Apr 3, 2006 9:26:16 AM

I think if Flav would have picked New York they would still be together. Hoopz just was just trying to show that she could beat New York, she wasn't into him before it was getting to the end of the show. New York was real crazy last night. I'm glad she lost weight...I still could'nt hang with her...but I gotta give her some props...she was doing her own thing no matter what people said or thought about her.

Posted by: Meka | Apr 3, 2006 12:11:32 PM

New York is the truth. Security was holding her that's the only Pumkin' didn't get a mutthole stomped in her. She's the one that's all about the drama. New York just real about hers, straight up and down.

Posted by: Dub | Apr 3, 2006 4:32:44 PM

All them bitches is pathetic. Actually fighting over this crack head looking dude. All Hoopz wanted was the publicity. Before she did the show she was on the internet. All this did was get her name buzzing. As for New York I don't think she loved him either. She wanted her 15 minutes of fame.

Posted by: diane | Apr 3, 2006 10:04:48 PM

NY IS REAL! U CANT DENY IT! She woulda killed dat scared wrinkled biotch pumkin if it werent for security. Hoopz only wanted to win, thats why she got heated when NY exposed her at the end. NY needs her own show...maybe a...Flava of New York??? She needs to find someone for herself since ugly flav got playd by Hoopz.

Posted by: NEO | Apr 4, 2006 11:43:50 PM

new york knows that she could have hit pumpkin and pumpkin was scared any way but hoopz new york needs to just sit down some where cause she know she can't bbeat up hoopz

Posted by: dasia | Apr 6, 2006 12:35:31 PM

They are ALL aspiring actresses, so it really is more about who can play their role the best. Frankly, you should all know that no one in their right "mind" would even want to be with Flav. The man is U-G-L-Y, and he ain't go no alibi. Those women were all playin' from the start. Only CRAZEE's would look at him all day long. (Vodka glasses only pleaz) Hell, even look at Bridgette Nelson. Her ass was always drunk! Cracked out too! Flava didn't get played. He is just a man that got the chance to have a bunch of women act like fools to get some exposure (and expose they did) Do I feel for him cuz Hoopz isn't returning his calls? Kinda. Cuz Flav is like one on those ugly ass pug dogs (teeth and all) that you just end up falling in love with. On the other hand, he's got to be used to the real world by now. He'll bounce back and Flava of Love II will be an even bigger hit. Come on ya'll Flava is a TRUE playa. He just didn't get to take the cake home this time. So, for all you true fanz, "pack your feathers" and tune in!

Posted by: Andi | Apr 6, 2006 4:47:29 PM

I wish New York all the best because she deserved Flav she may have appeared to be a bitch to alot of people but be for real Hoops is the real bitch she was only on the show for publicity on 106 & Park did yall see her talkin about she's bout to be in some up-in-coming films. I think she was only on the show to see how far she could get. I love real ladies and New York is one of them, Does New York look like Rah Digga to yall?

Posted by: Flavor Floyd | Apr 10, 2006 1:24:12 AM

I love NEw York...haha..she is so cool. I think she was a hottest one out of the bunch. Pumkin does need a face lift and she is chicken..she kept running away. Hoopz was in it the same reason as all of them..FAME..and no women on that show were REAl. LOOK AT FLAV!

Posted by: tarasweetgirl | Apr 10, 2006 10:33:32 AM

Hoops is as fake as they come she did not really love flava she was just using him to get her 15 mins. I think that he should have picked new york the real girl on the she totally awesome.

Posted by: lex | Apr 10, 2006 8:00:39 PM

I think that New York Would have wooped Pumkin, but Pumkin kept runnin 4rm her, so u kno she scared!!!!!!!!! i would have woop-ed her but!!!!!!!! on some real stuff

Posted by: baby gurl | Apr 12, 2006 1:21:47 PM

New York needs her own show, heck, if Flav was smart, he would have picked her so they could have done another show together, like a nick & jessica, bobby & whitney, that would have made them both some money!

Posted by: come on vh1 | Apr 18, 2006 12:01:43 AM

What the hell are you all talking about - New York is COOL, New York is Real - Ha ! That bitch is a crazed tranny that needs to be put in a cage and have peanuts thrown at her. If I was pumpkin I would have ran too cause I wouldn't wan't something that nasty touching my ass. So what if she lost weight, she still needs a bag over her head.
P.S. I think she was really in love with crack head gold toofs.

Posted by: blueeyes | Apr 19, 2006 6:48:27 PM

All I can say is New York was full of shit she tried to hard and she was a fake bitch she just wonted to be seen. hoopz was ok she kept it real she got in where she fit in, this nigga went through a group of females and a real woman was supose to stick around. Hell No!! You competing with all these hoes my the best up-coming actress win.Learn to play the game niggas been doing it.

Posted by: lady luci | Apr 19, 2006 7:34:34 PM

Hey, first of all I think that NY is for real and Sexy-as-hell. I wish I could get at her. This girl Hoops, I saw right through that BS she was pulling. She was only in it to get props and money, I didn't think she could ever love that man. First of all you could tell he wasn't her type, she is probably sucking the white man's balls and using him as a money scheme. Flava flav was probably attracted and liked her so much he didn't expose her for the real person she is like NY did. "IF" she was innocent she would not have snapped at NY when she made her comment BECAUSE she won anyway, what is NY to her right?

Anyhow I think NY is sexy, man what I would do to have a night with Ms. Queen whoopass. Pumpkin should not have been in that show, I think he kept her as long as he did because he wanted to see her go at NY as long as he could, I saw how he was enjoying it so much. Why was she in that show anyway if she likes girls? oh well unneeded dramatics.

Posted by: Big Mike | Apr 20, 2006 10:53:10 AM

NY is a skank...get over it...her greasy ass...she could also stand to get the fat sucked out of eyelids...then maybe she can talk to a person with her eyes open for a change...a clear sign of dishonesty...sexy my ass...

Posted by: Dee Dee | Apr 20, 2006 11:32:58 AM

That show was a hot mess. He should have picked NY. I like her for being her crazy a--self. Hoops is looks like a dirty foot ttrying to make a couple bucks. She has no class and even when she tried to dress classy she still looked like one of the fellas tattos and all

Posted by: Mrs.Randle | Apr 24, 2006 1:15:19 AM

who in the hell would really fight over that ugly ass man. the whole show was a fake to get flava flav broke ass soome more money he ain't no baller. If the show was real all the women would have been blind crackheads.

Posted by: neisha | Apr 24, 2006 1:22:08 AM

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