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TV Gasm's 24 Recap


So much has already happened on 24 this season, I couldn't even possibly begin to describe it. Palmer... Michelle... Chloe saving the day... Rudy helping out CTU... Jack dating girls he's too good for... evil terrorists doing evil terrorist-y things. The folks over at TV Gasm are all over it.

Part 1: Relax, He's Really Good At This

Part 2: So... Does This Mean No Curb Side Check In?

God I love this show.

January 17, 2006 | Permalink


OK, so we all know that Jack Bauer likes killing bad guys and torturing them even more. In fact, in matters of national security, they don’t even have to be bad guys.

The question is, “How much does Jack like to do this stuff?”

And, no, we will not accept “a lot” as an answer.

We want numbers.

That’s what this site is dedicated to. We pledge to report on the number of people Jack tortures and kills.

Check it out...


Posted by: Jack | Jan 17, 2006 11:55:15 PM

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